Two times per year we run a 14-day full-time group guitar making course. This course is an excellent experience for learning to build your first guitar, but it also works well for makers who have already built an instrument but would like to develop their hand tool skills, work to a tried-and-tested schedule, or find news ways of working efficiently in the field of lutherie.


Students will be expected to follow this overview of the course:


Day 1: Bending sides, glueing braces

Day 2: Shaping braces, neck blank preparation

Day 3: Soundboard design and bracing

Day 4: Glueing on the back

Day 5: Glueing on the soundboard

Day 6: Installing binding

Day 7: Finishing and fitting the neck

Day 8: Cutting the dovetail and final installation

Day 9: Installing a truss rod

Day 10: Glueing on the fingerboard, fretting

Day 11: Making and fitting the bridge

Day 12: Making nuts and saddles

Day 13: Finishing

Day 14: Setting up


Each days runs from 10am-6pm with a break for lunch at 1-2pm. 


Students will be able to choose from a selection of high quality timbers to build their instrument, and may choose from a variety of body shapes, including 000, OM and parlour guitar sizes. Students can also opt to upgrade the tuners on their guitar, and pre-order a Hiscox hard case to take their instrument home in, at the end of the course.